Hey all! 

I've just pushed a build with Online mode active in what I'm calling a "beta" state. Here are the details for the current implementation:

  • Searching for an online match will either create a room as the host, or join a room as the client.
  • Online is HOST-AUTHORITATIVE, meaning that all physics/game states should be authorized in the HOST, and then streamed to the CLIENT
    • Unfortunately, the above means that the game in online is currently HOST-ADVANTAGED, clients will experience input lag. I am working on a better model for online to address this and even the bias. Until that is fixed, online will not be as competitive/fair as offline.
  • HOSTS will play as the square on the left, CLIENTS will play as the square on the right
  • Players can input Usernames, which appear over the square they control. If you don't input a username, you will be given a random handle.
  • Players can input Room Passwords, which you must use in order to create a private match. Both HOST and CLIENT will need to put in the same room password in order to connect to each other.
  • Maximum 20 Players be online playing/searching for rooms for now with my current hosting/matchmaking provider plan

Files 36 MB
Version 1.2 Jun 08, 2019 32 MB
Version 1.2 Jun 08, 2019 33 MB
Version 1.2 Jun 08, 2019
DPM.apk 38 MB
Version 1.2 Jun 08, 2019

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